Hause "Fliorir"

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Balkan literary almanac

Book details Publishing: Hause "Fliorir"
Editors: Georgi Bratanov, Krassimir Georgiev
Artist: Ishkhan Nigokhosyan
Format: 90х60/16 (17х23,5 см.)
Quires: 4,5 (72)
Total print: 1000
Излязла от печат: 15.11.2004 г.
ISBN: 954-8226-79-0; 954-8046-70-9

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Book summary 16 blind Balkan poets, writers and journalists depict in words the image of the world, such as they have seen it with their inner eyes, a world in which there is pain, drama, worries and hope.

Fliorir > Books > English > High Light

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